July 2019

The site will be closed from August 3rd so that that Carnival Week can be enjoyed and time spent with families.

Floor plans have been updated:



February 2019


The Eastern block roof is nearing completion with the zink roofers expcted Monday 4th March. Allowing interior works to progress!


The western block final concrete screed has been laid.

December 2018

Although still months from completion, the apartments have been asigned numbers and postcodes.


November 2018

The concrete and brick structures forming the lift shafts and elevated seaward walls are well under way. The local stone masons are cladding these in our beautiful Purbeck stone.


July 2018

The steel frame for the Eastern block is erected and completed on deep piles with flooring concrete slabs to first and second floors. Specification continues on final flooring finishes, glazing and balustrades, plus the lifts brief. Surface water culverts have been diverted and services provided for. The two street lamps on the pavement in the High Street have been relocated on the opposite side of the road.